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My property investment and 1st home buyer focus encompasses all of metropolitan Sydney. Of particular focus is Inner Western Sydney, Western Sydney, South West Sydney & North West Sydney,

Notably properties where there is a lower point of entry into the market & multiple indicators point to the prospect for rapid capital growth.



  • Indicators for superior annual capital growth potential
  • Located in areas that have multiple economic drivers
  • Existing infrastructure or planned future infrastructure
  • Within or close to satellite CBD’s


  • Quality schools,
  • Parks & recreational options
  • Retail shopping
  • Transport & health facilities
  • Rezoning potential for higher density living


Properties that will be in demand regardless of the pressure that is exerted on the property market from natural or forced economic influences.


  • Properties with granny flat potential
  • Dual occupancy/duplex sites
  • Medium density villa/townhouse site
  • High density residential units

These properties are a priority on my list as they have a high probability of immense capital growth.

I recommend that you consider actually developing duplex sites yourself. A duplex gives you 2 incomes on 1 property, instant & exceptional equity growth once built (approx 9 months to build). In this scenario you have manufactured equity. In other words you have done something to the property to rapidly increase the equity in a very short time frame.


Properties purchased at the right price that require renovation are ripe for manufactured equity.

Within a period of 6 – 8 weeks of renovation work you have created instant & substantial equity. Once again, equity, which translates to money that can be immediately tapped into & utilised for your benefit.


To make it positive cash flow over time & in the shortest amount of time possible to give you passive income as well as greatly increasing your borrowing capacity. This will come from always looking for ways to add value to your property. A prudent way to make money out of property is to add value to it (such as a renovation, extra bedroom, granny flat etc), which results in an increase of rental income and equity.

Rental Yield

In Sydney it is almost rare to find a rental yield over 6% so that the property gives you positive cash flow. Generally high rental yield & positive cash flow properties can be found in regional areas such as mining towns. These can be high risk investments which I do not recommend, as the value of your property is primarily dependent on whether the mining company or the main industry of the region stays or leaves. If the primary industry leaves, then the value of your property will likely be worth less than the loan.

Your strategy however may involve purchasing positive geared property only in your portfolio, or also to compliment your negative geared property in your portfolio, for reasons such as better cash flow and borrowing capacity. If so, carry out your due diligence on the property and the area you are investing in thoroughly so that it ticks the right boxes to achieve reliable and good rental yield, knowing that you may forego strong capital growth as is the case with Sydney.

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    • Testimonials

      I highly recommend this site. From the properties sourced by Sydney Growth Properties I purchased an investment property in Western Sydney. This property has achieved good capital growth in a short amount of time so I am extremely happy with this purchase. It is something I would not have found otherwise as I have a hectic work and family schedule which limits the time available to search for the right investment property during the week and on weekends. The analysis that Sydney Growth Properties provided for the property also gave me the confidence and peace of mind that I was buying a good investment property and importantly at the correct price.
      JD, Property Investor
      Apart from the usual supply, demand, fiscal and monetary policy forces affecting property, the Sydney property market is also affected by infrastructure, density, traffic management and socio economic events. Sydney Growth Properties deciphers this, identifying property opportunities having regard to such factors. Nick brings over 20 years property investing experience.
      Peter Midis (Partner), MPM Chartered Accountants
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