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Why invest in student accommodation in Sydney

Posted by Sydney Growth Propoerties on 18 December, 2017

Investing smartly has become an important aspect of the modern man’s life. In order to make some serious money, investing your cash has become indispensable. Wherever you are investing it be it real estate, shares or mutual funds, your investment must be smart and thoughtful. There are many countries around the world which offer immense scope for investment especially for students. The investment schemes for the international students however seem to be the most suitable in and around Sydney in Australia. Australia is a smoothly running country. The country boasts of a lot of foreign students and workers working and studying there. For the international students, Sydney provides a lot of scope and spirit in the field of investment.

Some staggering statistics

Australia has now been referred to as the third popular destination of the world for international students who are studying out of their country, since the number of international students has been continuously increasing in the universities as well as the other educational spheres. Students from all over the world are being assembled here for education of different sorts, however the countries from where the most number of international students are coming to Australia are China with a thick 28%, India (having as much as 11% of the students), the Republic of Korea having 4% students, Thailand, bringing in 4% pupils and Vietnam with 4% students. In the year 2016, the biggest growth in the number of international students in Australia came from the following countries- Brazil (with a growth of 20%), Malaysia (with 18% growth), Nepal (having as much as 16% growth), Hong Kong (10% growth) and Colombia (having 22% growth).

Extensive research has suggested that the increase in the number of students has been creating a lot of opportunities for developers and investors to start build up as well as to invest in the student accommodation real estate market in Sydney.

All the universities in Australia have continued to be the important participants within this market, with as much as 71,645 PBSA  (purpose built student accommodation) in all the Australian capitals.

In a recent research conducted by Savills, the Australian director of the student accommodation, Mr. Conal Newland had mentioned that the student population of Australia has been growing at a really steady rate. The latest data, according to him, indicates that the total number of student enrolments has grown by a staggering 2.7% from the year 2014 to 2015, which is a mammoth increase of about 36,903 foreign students.

Australia is now the third biggest destination for international students. Students who are studying out of their countries at the colleges, universities or some other educational institutions. These students are mostly from South Eastern Asia. According to the research made by Savills, the student visas have grown by a whopping 11% from the year 2015 to 2016.

Sydney, the best option for all you investors

Sydney has been recorded the most popular and attractive city in the Australian market for the investment into the students’ accommodation sphere. The market in Sydney is absolutely spicy and it creates endless opportunities for investors in this field.

Only in the year of 2016, as many as 554,179 full fee paying students from other countries were studying availing a student visa in Australia, which simply means there was an increase of 11.3% over the figures of 2015 where there were 498,155 international students. Two countries which must be mentioned here are China and Columbia for the reasons given below-

China had been the country of whose origin, the most number of international students study in Australia. The contribution amounts to 28% of the entire number of students of international origin studying in Australia in the year 2016.

The country which had had the highest growth of students in Australia had been Columbia, with an unbelievable growth of about 22.4% from the year 2015 to the following year.

Sydney is by far the most inhabited and attractive place by the international students and it is in its height as far as the investment for the student accommodation sphere in the Australian market is concerned. The total number of development pipeline in the beautiful city of Sydney has increased from merely 3,665 beds in the year 2016 to a staggering 5,435 beds by 2017.

The number of international students in Australia and particularly in Sydney seem very likely to increase immensely in the coming years. Even the International Education Association of Australia (IEAA) has predicted that the country will have more influx of the students of other nations. The impact of UK’s sudden Brexit from European Union is another reason why Australia and particularly Sydney is expected to have more international students very soon.

For all those who have been thinking of investment in the student rental accommodation of Sydney, there may be two options available: firstly investing in the huge apartment blocks of the purpose built student accommodation PBSA and secondly investing in the properties and estates located near the universities which are usually rented room wise.

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